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Want to Sell Imported Cosmetics in Indonesia? Get The Distribution Permit from BPOM!

Do you know cosmetics must get many permission from the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM)? To protect the public against things that can harm health, the government acts to prevent the production and distribution of cosmetics that do not meet quality, safety and usefulness requirements. Before being distributed, cosmetics must first be registered to get distribution permit from the Head of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency. However, not everyone can register cosmetics to BPOM. Only cosmetic producers who have been granted an industrial business permit, companies responsible for marketing and legal entities that are appointed or authorized by companies from their home countries can register.

The requirement for foreign cosmetics to enter Indonesia are that cosmetics must have a mdistribution permit which meets the provisions of the law in the field of import, obtain KBPOM approval (SKI) and has a shelf life of at least 1/3 of the shelf life while the requirements that must be considered for registering distribution permits for imported cosmetics so that they can be circulated in Indonesia are cosmetics must have been registered / notified at BPOM, must have the technical requirements of cosmetics, must have DIP [Product Information Document], cosmetics must be produced in facilities that have implemented CPKB [How to Make Good Cosmetics] and imported cosmetics enter according to the provisions of cosmetics import (through SKI [Import Certificate])

But remember, even if you have the distribution permit, your cosmetic distribution permit can be canceled if

  • If cosmetics are declared not fulfill the quality, safety and benefit requirements that can harm the community, based on the results of supervision and or the results of re-evaluation if there is new data or information regarding the effect on quality, safety and usefulness that affect public health.
  • If the manufacturer, company or legal entity does not meet the requirements
  • If sanctions are imposed due to allegations or a criminal offense in the field of cosmetics should be immediately investigated by investigators of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency.

Sanctions for distribution of cosmetics without a distribution permit are from written warnings, withdrawal of cosmetics from circulation including the withdrawal of advertisements, destruction of cosmetics to temporary suspension of production, import, distribution, storage, transportation, and delivery of cosmetics.

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