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Law Office Practice Management System
run your office, with an effective management and accounting system

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Office management purposes is to organizing and administering the activities of doing day-to-day working to handle your business as a professional lawyer who need highly concentration in substantial matter and usually spend so many long hours providing legal services. Concerning on the important to grow as a professional, a Law Firm Founder should have ability to establish an office system to help manage all the works to be handled correctly. Efficient management system of a law firm comprises a number of vital functions, including time management, organizing paperwork, managing cases of multiple clients simultaneously, and being in control of all activities and responsibilities.

Lawyer could not wasting so many hours only to find misplaced documents or forgetting on how to prepare billing report to the Client. The importance to setup a office management system can help the law firm grow faster and achieve their objections. Being part of the industry, specifically service industry means that law firm also have all rights to manage their asset. The importance to prepare financial report can help the business develop and compete globally. As part of the industry, a Law Firm should have to establish a practice management system, setup organization structure, standard operating procedures and key performance indicator. This can help to organize the business, so can be focus more on substantial matters.

Law Office as Second House of a Lawyer

Can you imagine, if your home did not have doors with keys?People will be free to come and go. There will be no private place to keep your things, and all information become public. It will be the same, when your office did not have precise management system. Based on your business category, Law Office should have to treat all Client’s information strictly private and confidential. Its the time to setup and develop your law office management system.

What We Do

Digital Marketing for Law Firm

  • Designing Law Firm Corporate Identity
  • Preparing Plan for Digital Marketing Program
  • Creating Content and Image relevant to target Client
  • Marketing Strategy for Law Firm

Finance and Accounting For Law Firm

  • Attorney Hours Report for Billing
  • Office and Project Budgeting
  • Projections to estimate Cost and Income
  • Financial Report for Law Firm

Law Office Regulations

  • Business Process and Management Plan
  • Organization Structure and Employment Rules
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Job Descriptions and Key Performance Indicator
  • Document Management and Control

Let's Work Together and Develop your Law Office Management System

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