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Arbitration and Litigation Support

JasaParalegal provides comprehensive arbitration and litigation support. we believe that with a complete and clear legal report and documentation you will be able to represent professionalism and perfection for all parties who needs.

Types of service

  • Arbitration Proceeding Arrangement and Documentation
    Our team will help you arrange and assist the international arbitration proceeding in Indonesia, provides hearing rooms and its facilities for conducting an alternative dispute resolutions hearings in Indonesia, accommodations for tribunal, handle legal transcriptions and present directly to the hearing while processing all necessary legal documentations. International arbitration proceedings that we can support i.e ICC, UNCITRAL, ICSID, and so forth.
  • Direct Legal Documentation in the Court 
    Our team will be present directly to the meeting, court trial or arbitration hearing, and handle the process of legal transcriptions and completing the transcriptions with video and voice recorder for Client’s documentation.

    Service fee will inform upon request.
  • In-direct legal documentation of trials
    Preparing the transcriptions based on the video or voice recorder sent to us. We will not be present directly to the meeting or court trial. Transcriptions result will be sent to Client within three working days.

    Service fee will inform upon request.
  • Legal Transcriptions and Word Processing
    Preparing transcriptions from a video or voice recorder or a draft, and processing the words and sentence to give an easier understand to the reader.
    Service fee will inform upon request.
  • Legal Translations and Interpreter Service
    Our team could help you with a high quality service on legal translation and interpreters. With a trusted qualifications and
    competencies, ability to understand and processing foreign legal language and translate it with a high accuracy, EasyHelps team can help you complete the job in accurately, effectively and efficiently. Some of legal translations we could provide, i.e: English, Mandarin, Japan, Netherlands, French, Germany, Italia, Russia, Thailand, and Korean.
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