Legal Support Specialist

Types Of Services

Company and Business License Registration

As a professional legal assistant, JasaParalegal could help you handle company or business registration process. Our experience in dealing with government and institution will help you provide excellent legal services to your client. Our support will give you a strong recommendation to save time and energy.

Court Transcription, Legal Reporting and Translations

Provides comprehensive legal transcription and reporting services for your legal documentation. With a complete and clear legal  documentation you will be able to represent professionalism and perfection for the reader.

Legal Research, Contract Drafting and Reviewing

Provides legal research which focus on government and institutions regulations, preparing drafts as well as reviewing the business contracts or agreements which can help you deliver a comprehensive legal opinions or reports as well as answers to the needs of the Client. Supporting you with quality is our focus and committed to helping you achieve Client’s Satisfaction.

Law Office Practice Management System

Office management purposes is to organizing and administering the activities of doing day-to-day working to handle your business as a professional lawyer who need highly concentration in substantial matter and usually spend so many long hours providing legal services.


JasaParalegal is a Division of PT EasyHelps Multi Solusindo, a corporate secretary firm who expertise in Management, Legal, Marketing and Personal Assistant Services. We have 15 years of experience working in several multi-national companies, facing the problems of most companies’ resources that are not taken seriously. The EasyHelps team is prepared to give the best qualities of services. With strong and good characteristics, we believe we could help the Clients reach their goals in professional ways.

Important Notice

Our Paralegal Services are limited to providing assistance and support to Clients who requiring our Paralegals to helping handle some of legal tasks which will be supervised by our legal team consisting of law graduates who have ability and qualifications in business, corporate, civil and criminal law. If the Client need to consult directly with our legal team, can be provided upon request with a separate consultation fee. EasyHelps and JasaParalegal is not Is a law firm so we do not handle Litigations cases. Our services according to the will and for Client’s interest only. The Client has the right to decide whether want or not want to use our final draft. All legal consequences of using our draft is entirely the responsibility of the Client.

Collaboration with

Our Client
  • PT Sentral Retailindo Perkasa (Pepito Retail)
  • PT Cipta Retail Prakasa (The Goods Dept)
  • PT Aseanindo Networks Solutions
  • PT Surya Rezeki Timber Utama
  • PT Toyota Astra Motor
  • PT Lautan Luas Tbk
  • PT Valbury Asia Futures
  • PT Hallo Arif Gemilang
  • PT RukunCipta Sukses Abadi
  • PT Bina Harapan Terang
  • PT KPM Oil and Gas
  • PT Decoz Tirta Abadi
  • PT Maxitherms Boilers Indonesia
  • ARP & Co Law Office
  • Solis Attorneys
  • HAS Attorneys at Law
  • Winarta IP Practice
  • Wandco Intellectual Property Rights
  • FMB Partner
  • Christie Alliance Law Firm
  • Kosasih & Kristanto Partnership
  • Martia Anggraini Partnership (affiliation with Kelvin Chia Singapore)
  • Jonathan Hariandja & Partners
  • Rima Baskoro & Partners
  • Wulandari Law Office

Confidentiality Statement As a legal assistant, we understand that the confidentiality of Client’s data and documents, is the most important thing that we must keep. To create a long term relationship with the Client, we guarantee the confidentiality of Client’s data and documents. Confidential information relating to any third party or Client will keep by every team and all staff of JasaParalegal. Any information, facts, and statements relating to the provision of the services will be kept confidential. This is stated by the signing of Confidentiality Statement of PT EasyHelps Multi Solusindo as Founder of JasaParalegal.

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